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WELCA is collecting the following items for Personal Care Kits to be distributed through Project Promise to needy people around the globe:

  • Bath Towels, between 20"x 40" and 52" x 27", dark color recommended

  • Two or three bath-size bars of soap equaling 8 to 9 oz., any brand

  • One adult size toothbrush in its original packaging

  • One sturdy comb, remove packaging

  • One metal nail clippers (attached file optional), remove packaging

Note: Toothbrush multi-packs are acceptable, and will be repackaged by WELCA

You may leave your donations in the designated basket at the rear of the Sanctuary, or in the designated basket in the cabinet above the coat rack in the Fellowship Hall.  There is a fully put together example in the Fellowship hall as well.  Thank you to everyone for your support.

As part of the 175th Anniversary we are collecting 175 nail clippers and toothbrushes for the health kits.

THEY’RE HERE… Cubs and Cardinal stuffed animals are on display in fellowship hall.  $3.00 each.  Money in excess of cost for supplies is given to the Food Pantry.

175th Anniversary

175 items for MAY… to help with the WELCA health care kits, let’s collect 175 toothbrushes and nail clippers.  

September 9, 2017 - 5:00pm Dedication of the Grand Piano Music by Anne Krentz Organ

BRACELETS FOR BLADE… Allison Blade and friends have made bracelets with prayer cards to honor her brother, Matthew who is fighting osteosarcoma.  You can get one in the Fellowship Hall today.



This year will be celebrated Sunday, May 21, at 9:15am. We will resume our classes on Sunday, September 10, 2017.

OUR THURSDAY NOON BIBLE STUDY will have its last session on May 18, 2017.  We will take a summer break and return to our special time on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

THEY’RE HERE… Cubs and Cardinal stuffed animals are on display in fellowship hall.  $3.00 each.  Money in excess of cost for supplies is given to the Food Pantry.


The present Confirmation class, Lindsey, Hailey, and Claire, will participate in the Affirmation of Baptism during the     9:15 am service of worship.

The 50th anniversary Confirmation class has been invited and there will be a reception for Confirmands and the Anniversary Class following the service.

WEAR RED...It is appropriate to wear red on Pentecost Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th.


Sunday June 4, 2017 – 2:00 p.m. - The Hoogland Center for the Arts presents “Forever Plaid” –Forever Plaid” is an affectionate musical homage to the close-harmony 'guy groups' that reached the height of their popularity during the 1950s.  Tickets $16/$18 – Advance Payment required by Sunday May 28, 2017. Contact Judy Wheaton at 546-9592 if you have any questions.

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