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In the Order for Holy Baptism, the Pastor addresses parents and sponsors of young children to be baptized and highlights their responsibilities in helping them lead godly lives.  To assist parents in fulfilling these obligations, Historic Grace Lutheran Church takes seriously the process by which a child or adult is baptized and then raised in the Christian faith. Therefore, we have established a specific instructional process to ensure that all are aware of what it means to be baptized as a child of God and the expectations that accompany this sacrament. Persons seeking baptism, or to have children baptized, are encouraged the call the church office.

Holy Communion

At Historic Grace Lutheran Church we offer the sacrament to all who are baptized and believe that when we receive the bread and the wine we also receive the true body and blood of our risen savior, Jesus Christ.


The marriage ceremony in the Lutheran church is more than a legalization of the request of two people to live in a marital relationship. A Christian marriage is one that bases itself on God's order of creation. God created people to marry and raise children within a loving relationship grounded in God's love for us. The ceremony itself is then a Worship Service in which the couple declare their love, making their promises before God and his people, and God blesses their marriage.


The Christian funeral is a service of worship and should involve all those present. The funeral serves a support function such that the religious, social, and emotional needs of the mourners are met.

Hospital Visits

If you are hospitalized, the hospital will usually ask your religious preference and specifically your congregation. If they do not ask, and if you want your pastor to be notified, please ask them to add it to your file. You may also request the hospital chaplain contact Grace on your behalf.

It is understandable for well meaning friends to contact the pastor about a member's hospitalization, but we must respect that some individuals may not want to have their medical status made known. That is why it is important that you yourself or a family member contact the church office if you would like prayer intervention or pastoral calls. We cannot post information of this nature otherwise, and the pastor might be reluctant to call unless so notified.

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